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Data security

The project O-PUR is committed to the privacy of all persons to protect our site, and we keep personal data confidential.
The data will be used exclusively for the specified purposes and is not given to third parties.
To maintain your meeting may be it may be necessary to set a cookie.

Your Web browser or client software may transfer information without your knowledge of your computer (such as IP address) to our servers. Such information is never in direct connection with you but only brought in an anonymous form for statistical purposes, system management or to improve the efficiency of our internet platform.
If you have further questions about our privacy standards, you get an overview of the concepts and technical realization of our IT security information, please contact schloen@eins-gmbh.de
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Abschlussveranstaltung der Forschungsoffensive
Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft, Berlin

Hannover Messe 2010 Industrial Automation
19.-23.04.2010, Halle 17, Gemeinschaftsstand Innovationen gegen Produktpiraterie

10. Karlsruher Arbeitsgespräche Produktionsforschung 2010
09.-10.03.2010, Kongresszentrum Karlsruhe,

drupa 2008 PrintCity
29.05.-11.06.2008 Düsseldorf

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